Nancy Darte
Paintings by Darte

Nancy Darte

What I love about art, is how diverse it is; both from the viewpoint of the maker and the of the viewer.


Some artists love shapes;

some color; light; line; atmosphere

romance; beauty; shock; awe; subject matter


I paint what I am concerned about lately.  I have flowed from endangered species; extinct species; to the “last person”; angels to help us; viruses; and then I bought myself a microscope (remembering 9th grade Biology class). When a Doctor friend gave me old x-rays and a chimpanzee skull, i was on to a new stream. I’m calling this latest period “my science phase”.


n. Darte

BFA, Wilkes University

Winner 2017 image competition for the Society for Applied Microbiology magazine.

Group Shows: Center for the Visual Arts; Paschal Winery; Untitled 2.0 Gallery

One-Person Shows: Frank Phillipps Gallery, Paschal Winery